All items offered for sale are, in my opinion, authentic and original. We offer a 5 day return policy. If you are not happy with an item, you MUST notify me within 5 days of receipt that you are returning the item for a refund minus shipping costs both ways. In other words, if you return an item you will pay the shipping costs both ways. Item MUST be returned in the same condition as it was sent. It can not be cleaned, disassembled, or otherwise altered from the way it was sent to you. Any cleaning, disassembly, or altering of the item will VOID the return policy. Due to the increased cost of credit card processing, and a couple of mentally challenged people, you MUST now contact me via email before purchasing anything over $1000, or the sale will be voided, you will be charged a $100 inconvenience fee and banned from the website and any further purchases. You MUST contact me via email prior to ANY purchase over $1000 so that all terms and conditions are clear to you. I no longer sell anything outside the USA. DON’T EVEN ASK. Customs in the European Union are out of control. They either charge you outlandish fees, or they confiscate/destroy the item. There will now be a flat 10% fee for any returned item. To cover the credit card fees, postage, and inconvenience on my part. If you do not like these terms and conditions, by all means feel free to take your business elsewhere. Payment by check or money order will be a full refund minus shipping costs. If you do not notify me within 5 days of receipt of the item that you want to return it, the return policy is VOID.


We do offer lay-a-ways, and flexible payment plans. These terms are custom and vary from one customer / transaction to another. Contact us for details. All items sold on payment plans are NOT returnable for cash refunds. We simply can not offer payments spread out over months, and then give a cash refund for lay-a-way sales. If you put a deposit on an item, and then never complete payment, there will NOT be a refund of the deposit. Please make sure you are serious about purchase of an item before you make a deposit and place an item in lay-a-way.


Prices. Some items we can negotiate the price on. PLEASE be realistic however. If an item is listed for $2000, don’t email us and offer $200. This is unrealistic and insulting.


We are active buyers of militaria! If you have a single item, or an entire collection, please let us make you an offer for your item / items. We are always seeking any and all items related to the 15th and 19th Waffen SS divisions (Latvian Legion), as well as pre WW2 Latvian military regalia.